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Barrel Threading {In House Service}

We thread barrels. Most popular sizes are 1/2x28, 9/16x24,and 5/8x24. Whether you need a silencer added to lower recoil and protect your hearing or a muzzle brake to lower recoil, we can thread most models of rifles and pistols.

Most basic jobs are $100 but some models require extensive work such as lever guns and are higher on a case by case basis.

How we thread barrels:

Our process utilizes indicator rods inserted in barrel which represents the flight path of the bullet (which we don't want to hit our silencer baffles right?) After we adjust barrel in lathe we thread barrel ensuring threads are perfectly in line with bullet flight and shoulders are square protecting your silencer from damage. Don't just use a die or take to a buddy with a lathe if they do not set it up right before threading. 

Gunsmiths we recommend:

Other gunsmiths we wholeheartedly recommend are:

Malcom Ballistic Tool and Grey beard Ammo local to Conway area.